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Computer Repairs

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We Provide Service for All Brands of Computers Such as Dell, Lenovo, Hp, Acer, Apple, Asus, Toshiba.

Hard Disk Repair

Is Hard Disk of your Computer does not work properly? our repair Center in Bangalore is gives well equipped and capable to undertake any Computer related problems.

We definitly use 100% Genuine spare parts for any Computer repairs. All our Computer repairs are backed by Warranty. So you can be rest assured about the quality of repairs and spares used.

MotherBoard Repair

Motherboards are historically the most difficult pieces of hardware to diagnose because, in most cases, you have to rule out every other piece of hardware that is connected to it. There aren’t usually any real signs of failure, other than that your motherboard is either dead or working. A hard drive will give you signs of failure, such as blue screens or lost files, but a motherboard just doesn’t give you that advance notice. That being said, here are some things you can try first to ensure the problem is with your motherboard instead of another hardware component.

Motherboard Repair is often an superior choice to replacement. Our Engineers conduct board level repairs, and replacement of parts on all desktops.

KeyBoard Repair

Is Missing your Computer Key or is your Computer key can't work properly? Our repair center in bangalore is gives well equipped and capable to undertake any Computer problem related jobs.

Our Keys are original from the keyboard manufacturer, so you are sure to get a perfect fit and finish. We back each purchase with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

key replacement consist of the following:

  1. Key cap replacement: This is the piece of plastic that has a letter on it.
  2. Key retainer clip replacement: Retainer clip that hold the key cap to the base of the keyboard.
  3. Rubber cup replacement: That is the piece of rubber that act as spring to rebound the key after you press it.

Virus Removal

You can get a virus or other infection on your computer just by hitting the wrong download button on a web site you have visited. Other infections such as the Babylon Toolbar, or Delta Search are normally caused by downloading smileys or some other free software. We can clean your computer of all infection.

Software Installation

Distributing, installing, updating and uninstalling software applications are common tasks. These tasks include a lot of processes and usually take up a lot of administrators' time and resources.

We are well commended in offering value added and Software Installation Services, which cater to assemble the day-to-day necessities of our clients in the industry. Additionally, all our services are cost effectual in terms of trouble-free and reasonable pricing.

Computer Over Heating

Computers overheat all the time. Sometimes an overheating computer will not even stay powered on. This kind of thing is actually very common in computers of all brands. Our repair center in bangalore is overcome all the problems in your computer.

OS Installation

Operating System Installation for all Computers are Undertaken. We have a set of very skilled Service Engineers who can skillfully install the operating system without loosing your datas. We are able to install any operating system including Windows, Mac OS, Linux and many more.

Desktop Upgrade

So as to uphold the repute we have established, we are indulged towards presenting high class services for Desktop Upgrading Service. we are instrumental in imparting Laptop Upgrading Service. To preserve reliability and exceptionality in our services, we spend some-time recognizing detailed demands of our clients to acquire their faith and credibility. Apart from this, we assure delivering these to our clients’ at most reasonable rates.

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