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About Our Mr Fix

Established in 2005 Laptop Store is the areas most experienced and best qualified laptop repair showroom. Over 50,000 + Laptop repaired since 2005!. Our Certified Technicians and Laptop Engineers are available to talk to you when you need help. Our laptop service shop staff are all qualified experts. Both are Certified Systems Engineers and each have over 30 years experience (individually) in high-end laptop technologies.

Our Vision

Keeping a vision of great management and keeping the customers at priority, we believe in building a relationship with customers by providing excellent repair service.

Our Mission

To provide quality in all works, inspire moments of optimism, happiness and creating values to make difference.

Our Teams

There are times when there is rain and there are times when there is sun shine and our service team still manages to go to the customer place in harsh weather conditions. One must not forget about the traffic conditions in the city. And there are also customers who want our person to come at their wanted timings


Experienced Technician


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